What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly and powerful content management systems available today. Thinkun websites are designed with WordPress to allow for ultimate flexibility and customisation.

Not only will your site look incredible and deliver a sublime experience for your users, it will also be incredibly simple for you to update with great content.

Read on to learn more about how it works…

Supercharged content

Thinkun builds WordPress sites that are beautiful to behold and engaging to interact with.

WordPress is the industry-leading content management system that is not only great for your customers and users, but also simple for you to manage!

Naturally, Thinkun can take care of all your content needs (including a comprehensive content marketing strategy, if you’re in need). Of course you can also take the wheel yourself – Thinkun will train you in managing your new site and will be available for technical support should you encounter any difficulty.

Fully Custom Experiences

WordPress is pretty capable out of the box, but it becomes a user experience behemoth when you customise your functionality with plugins. Thinkun can build plugins that perform a wide range of functions, enabling you to go where none of your competitors are able to follow.

Thinkun are also specialists in WordPress design. We can craft a custom theme for your website that accentuates the strengths of your online brand and delivers a better experience for your customers. Naturally, we’ll make sure it’s responsive so your customers will have a consistent experience no matter what device they’re using to view your site.

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