Mobile & Web Apps

Embrace the power of having your own mobile & web app

Our mobile devices are pretty much extensions of our bodies these days. A mobile app means you go everywhere your customers go, and web apps mean you’re still there when they get home and fire up their desktop or laptop.

More than just meeting your customers on their devices, however, apps allow you to interface with your customers in an environment of your own choosing. Think of it as your digital living room.

Read on to learn more about how it works…

Gain the app advantage

The average person spends two hours a day interacting with apps and only twenty minutes surfing the internet in a browser. Apps are a kind of digital living room, so if a website is the only channel through which your customers can interact with your brand, you’ve essentially left them out in the cold.

Mobile & Web Apps by Thinkun immerse your customers in an experience built around your brand and keep them in that ecosystem by delivering an engaging user experience. If you’ve got an app worth using (the only kind of apps we build, coincidentally), your customers will make themselves at home on your digital couch.

Enhanced value for your users

Touch your customers and establish relationships with them in new ways, including push notifications, social functions and unique app-only offers. It’s the equivalent of putting out some cheese and crackers in that digital living room, and your customers will eat it up (see what we did there?).

Of course, mobile & web apps also have the power of enhancing the experience of visiting a brick and mortar location, or can extend an online experience through second-screen functionality. The possibilities are truly unlimited. No matter how far you want to push things, Thinkun can build it.

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We love making digital ambitions come true. If you have an ambition, Thinkun has the expertise to make it a reality.