Content & Social Media Marketing

Your customers are consuming content – is it yours?

If content is the new digital currency (hint: it is), then Thinkun is the content marketing agency that can help you line your digital wallet and become a high-roller.

More than ever before, customers are coming to businesses ready to buy and informed about their options. This means you must reach potential clients in the research phase of the purchase cycle. Content and social media marketing is the single most powerful way to do so.

Read on to learn more about how it works…

The power of content

Customers are responding to advertising less and less as time goes on. Instead, they’re embracing the power of the internet to vet potential products or service providers. You have to have a good product, yes, but you also need to be an expert and influencer in your field.

Displaying your expertise through the creation and sharing of relevant content is the best way to endear yourself to potential clients who are on the prowl. Thinkun will help you optimise that content so it will be more easily discovered on search engines (forever!), setting you up to catch potential customers at any stage of their purchasing decision.

Social Media Can’t Be Ignored

More than 35,000 tweets will go live in the five seconds it will take you to read this sentence.

If you’re not a part of that social conversation, you’re leaving all the potential value for your competitors.


Thinkun is the social media agency that keeps you at the fore of the social discourse. We’ll help you promote your original content and engage your customers. Whether you want to be passive or actively build a social media community among your loyal customers, Thinkun can help.

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