Technical Website SEO Audit by Thinkun

Ensure your web content is discoverable. Get your site in order with our Technical Website SEO Audit.

There is no doubt that content marketing is fast becoming the most important facet of your digital marketing efforts. Producing engaging content that allows customers to find you, and establishes your industry credibility, is now critical to business success. This is because Forrester Research tells us that 71% of consumers begin their purchasing journey by using a search engine to discover new products and services.

Before you embark upon the content marketing journey, there’s some ‘housekeeping’ to do. Certain technical aspects of your site need to be set up correctly so that search engines can index your content. Without this housekeeping, any effort given to content development may be in vain.

Thinkun can help you understand where you excel, and where you need help, for a one-off fee of just $99. Our comprehensive Technical Website SEO Audit covers the following aspects:

1. Domain overview:

The domain overview checks your IP address, your server location, your site’s current domain and page authority, and worldwide ranking. It also tells you how many of your pages have been indexed by Google. These are all important indicators of your site’s status in the eyes of search engines. These statistics give you a benchmark to measure your ongoing improvement.

2. Health check:

Our health check ensures that:

  • Your website’s URLs are clean and clear for users, using trailing slashes to make them easier to read, and checking the www redirect is in place
  • There is no content with multiple URLs which can be considered as duplicate content
  • Your site uses canonical tags to keep duplicate content out of the search engine index
  • HTTP traffic is redirected to HTTPS (which guarantees data protection). Sites on HTTP will gradually lose their position in Search Engine Rankings
  • There’s a Robots.txt file and XML site map in place to help search engines crawl your website
  • Your visible content is prioritised so that your site seems to load quickly, and the viewport is configured to improve your site’s appearance on iOS
  • Your site speed is fast, and web files are stored in a browser cache so that speed is increased for repeat site visitors
  • There are no frames or Flash installed to prevent your content from being indexed.

3. Page analysis and errors:

In this section of the Technical Website SEO Audit, we are checking for pages that:

  • Have a URL that is longer than the recommended length
  • Return errors, thereby impacting user experience and indexing
  • Are blocked by the robots.txt, so won’t be crawled or indexed
  • Return responses to requests that servers fail to fulfil, or that require an additional action to complete the request, resulting in a bad user experience
  • Are blocked by Google Search using a meta tag in the HTML code
  • Have missing or empty descriptions, meaning that they can’t be indexed by search engines
  • Are too big, affecting load time
  • Are blocked by no-follow tags, meta noindex and meta nofollow, which block search engines.

4. Meta analysis

The meta-analysis tells us which of the site’s pages:

  • Have duplicate titles, thereby appearing as duplicate content
  • Have titles that are missing or empty
  • Have titles that are longer or shorter than recommended
  • Have missing, empty or duplicate descriptions
  • Have descriptions that are longer or shorter than recommended
  • Have duplicate canonical codes.

5. Content and image analysis

Analysing the site’s content and images tells us whether there are:

  • Pages with a word count that’s too low
  • Pages with duplicate content, which impacts negatively in search
  • Empty or missing H1 tags, thereby not showing search engines what the page is about
  • Missing alt text, which doesn’t allow search engine crawlers to index the image and impacts on web accessibility for people with vision impairment.

6. Links analysis

Within the Technical Website SEO Audit, the links analysis tells us all about the linking practice currently in place in your website. It detects when:

  • Pages have more than 100 outgoing links, thereby looking suspicious to search engines
  • Internal or external links are missing their anchor text, which provides search engines and users relevant contextual information about the content of the link’s destination.
  • Internal or external links are using Nofollow, which instructs search engine bots that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.
  • External links return page errors, resulting in a bad user experience.

7. Mobile optimisation

A large proportion of a website’s users are browsing on a mobile device rather than a computer.  This means that delivering a good user experience on mobile sites is increasingly important. The audit checks whether:

  • Legible font sizes are being used
  • Buttons are sized appropriately
  • Interstitial ads are in use, which can interfere with content consumption
  • Additional HTTP requests are delaying landing pages from rendering
  • Javascript and HTML and CSS is minified to ensure good page speeds
  • No plugins are installed that aren’t mobile friendly
  • Server response time is under 200ms to ensure a good user experience
  • Images are size-optimised to ensure the site loads quickly
  • Compression is enabled to minimise file sizes.

8. Usability and technologies:

General usability issues and technology faults can negatively impact upon a site’s ranking. This section of the Technical Website SEO Audit checks that:

  • Your HTML doesn’t contain HTML or syntax errors, which can make it difficult for the page to be indexed by search engines
  • Your site is compliant with Google Safe Browsing
  • Your site has a Favicon
  • Your site has a custom 404 page that will improve their experience if they land on a page in your website that no longer exists, by directing them to a place where they may be able to find what they’re looking for.

Our Technical Website SEO Audit is just $99

At just $99, our Technical Website SEO Audit may end up being some of the smartest money you’ve ever spent. With its clean layout and actionable content, it is the ideal roadmap to help you get your site in order. Set yourself up for success in content marketing today by getting in touch with Thinkun using the form below. We’ll be in touch within a business day to get you started.