TDMAM: A one-page responsive website for a great first impression

Our clients TDM Asset Management are a private investment firm with a highly focused approach to investing and offices in Sydney and New York. They came to Thinkun to help bring their online presence in line with the quality and standard that defines their professional abilities as an investment firm.

TDMAM screen their investments through in-person business networking, and online functionality beyond a simple digital representation of their brand and capabilities was not needed. We know how important first impressions are, so our approach was to create a good-looking, professional, responsive single-page website that TDMAM would be proud to show off.

The site was designed to be fully responsive, meaning it looks great on any device, from huge retina desktop screens, all the way down to various sized tablets and smartphones. Go ahead and check it out – open the site on a desktop, resize your browser window, and watch it magically adapt to any size you set it to.

tdmam responsive


Thinkun coded in a bunch of smarts to adjust the layout at the various responsive breaking points to create the best user experience on any device. For example, see how the logo moves in to the top menu and changes colour when the mobile breaking point is reached:

tdmam top menu


The top menu also collapses to be small and unobtrusive when the user scrolls down the site, but always remains accessible.

image2013-11-14 16-29-35


Static HTML sites (ones that don’t have frequently updated content such as a blog) carry the risk of looking boring or stale due to a lack of dynamic content, which was a failing of TDMAM’s previous site we wanted to avoid. So we implemented parallax scrolling on our one page website, which gives the large background images some life without compromising on the professional, corporate feel. At narrower resolutions, such as on mobiles, the parallax scroll is disabled. Its hard to convey the parallax scroll through screenshots, so open up the site at desktop size and watch the background images as you scroll. It’s a subtle effect, and a recent web trend we love!

Check out the site here: