Thinkun sorts out the playground


Playground Weekender is a unique four-dvay music and camping festival, with a target audience made up primarily of people under the age of 40.  Every

year the festival has been held, their website has been designed and programmed in Flash.  This caused a number of problems:

  • Flash is not compatible with ‘i’ devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, which means that the entire site was not accessible for people trying to view information about acts and tickets using those devices.
  • Building a site in Flash is not the best way to ensure that search engines can index site content, which can mean that these sites don’t rank as well in search results.
  • Any changes to site content need to be made by a Flash programmer
  • Each year, the site had to be completely rebuilt from scratch

Project objectives

  1. Build a site that makes the festival’s web presence mobile
  2. Utilise the festival’s poster artwork to ensure that the site is still as visually appealing as a music festival site should be
  3. Put the festival’s organisers in control of the ever changing site content
  4. Enable fast, flexible and appealing viewing of video and imagery across all device types

Playground Weekender home page

Project execution

Thinkun built the Playground Weekender website on the WordPress content management system, rescuing the team from the mercy of the Flash developer who used to control the site content.  The unique site design mimics the look and feel of a music festival poster and retains the graphic artwork that is the Playground Weekender’s signature style. In addition, imagery from previous festivals displays beautifully across a myriad of mobile devices.

Site features

  • Built on WordPress with video and image gallery plugins
  • Puts the Playground Weekender team in control of frequently changing content
  • Delivers content to the most important target group on the run

Project results

Thinkun introduced a new way of thinking to our client, which means that for the first time, they were able to stay in touch with the ‘i’ audience.  Added to that, we’ve saved them a heap of money because they don’t have to rebuild their site every year and they aren’t beholden to a developer for every single site update.

Visit the site at