The chequered flag

Perhaps it’s quite fitting that we were putting the finishing touches on our website on Sunday night, at the same time as Mark Webber was scorching his way around the track in Turkey.  And while it definitely was a sprint to the chequered flag (otherwise known as our May 31 self imposed deadline), at least Anu didn’t have to worry about me sideswiping him while I was trying to overtake.

Finishing our website has been at the very top of our work in progress board for several months now, ever since we rebranded ourselves to Thinkun from Think Unthinkable.  You could be forgiven for assuming that cracking out a new website would be a fairly simple process for people who do it for a living.  In actual fact, it’s the hardest site we’ve ever had to build, bar none.  And if you think about that for a little while, the reason why is fairly obvious – when you build websites for a living, the site that you hang out as your shingle has to be pretty bloody awesome, or you look like a Muppet (apologies to Jim Henson, and to Miss Piggy).

Finally we decided that we needed to heed the advice of our business coach – after all, we pay him enough!  Very sagely, he told us at our last meeting that “perfection is the enemy of good”.  After Anu and I had sat there in gobsmacked silence at his extreme wisdom for about five minutes, we went back to the office and made a plan to get it live within a week.  In doing so, we also heeded a bit of our own advice, which we often give to clients:  The beauty of digital media is that it’s not set in stone.  It can be constantly adapted to respond to feedback and analysis, and also be expanded upon, so that like a living thing it grows and becomes more valuable and more useful over time.

The moral to this first blog post is that we’d love you to bookmark our humble website.  By all means, have a click around now, because we’re pretty chuffed with how it’s looking and the user experience that we’ve created for our visitors using standards compliant HTML and CSS.  We’re also loving how using jQuery has made our home page so dynamic.  But the plan is for it to get bigger, and better over time, so make sure you visit regularly.  We promise to make it worth your while.